Vista News

EnviroGuard: Environmentally Friendly Polester Resin May 2010
Vista Panel Systems Ltd. together with strategic business partners Plastiglas Industries and Progress Plastics began testing of a new "EnviroGuard" environmentally friendly polyester resin. This resin maintains the physical flame and UV properties of previous resins while advancing the sustainable use of renewable raw material sources and providing reduced emissions characteristics. This development provides encouraging news in promoting the use of thermoset plastics in green building design. More information will be provided when testing is complete.
First Shipment of AVISTA COMPOSITE Panels July 2009
Vista Panel Systems Ltd. makes the first of several shipments of its new AVISTA COMPOSITE PANELS to the Imperial Theatre project in Saint John, New Brunswick.
New AVISTA COMPOSITE Panels March 2009
Vista Panel Systems Ltd. begins engineering and tooling for its new AVISTA COMPOSITE PANEL Architectural Series, which incorporate rain screen wall principles to provide effective envelope solutions for exterior claddings on buildings. For more information on our AVISTA Architectural Series of composite panels, call our toll-free number 1-800-408-9613 or email your request on our Contact page.