Lonsdale Condominium  - Toronto, Canada

Lonsdale Condominium - Toronto, Canada

Our Products

All our products are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). The advantages of FRP over many other materials are as follows:

The nature of the material and its process (in-mold) permits a variety of shapes and sizes to be realized making Vista FRP an ideal choice for architectural claddings, cornices, brackets and columns. Our skilled craftsmen take pride in producing beautifully detailed architectural elements to enhance the appearance of every building.

Other selling features of Vista Panel Systems Ltd. are the selection of colors, finishes and textures that are available - from matte to glossy, aggregate to solid gelcoat, all can be provided in standard and custom colors.

In addition, Vista Panel Systems Ltd. has been successfully used in signage, site furnishings and many other applications where the advantages of FRP as noted above, are required.